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Pulsar Plus

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Pulsar Plus is a smart and compact charging solution adapted for electric and plug-in vehicles, ideal for home use. Equipped with an integrated power cable capable of delivering up to 22 kW, it supports any electric car with a Type 2 charging plug. Pulsar Plus incorporates cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal charging performance and an enriched charging experience.

Easily manage your charging sessions by connecting Pulsar Plus to the MyWallbox App via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

At a glance, stay up to date on the status of your Pulsar Plus. Its intuitive status light lets you know if your car is still charging or if the charging process is complete.
Power output: 7.4 kw
Color: Black
Cable Length: 5m
Regular price €670,00
Regular price Sale price €670,00
Product code: PLP1-0-2-2-9-002
Pulsar Plus - EV House
Regular price €670,00
Regular price Sale price €670,00

Improve the charging experience

Power Boost intelligently monitors your electricity use and allocates excess energy to your car. Whether you turn off the lights in a room or make other adjustments, Power Boost optimizes charging for your vehicle, ensuring the most efficient charging experience.

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Maximise your experience with the Wallbox App

Charger and user management

Basic Charger Management including addition, configuration, status and removal only via App

Basic User Management including invitation, permissions and removal

Advanced Charger Management with Locations Configuration and Detailed Monitoring

Advanced User Management with Subgroups Configuration and Detailed Permissions

Business Charger Management with Bulk Remote Update and Restart

Business User Management with Bulk Invitation, Permissions and Removal

Fleet Management with RFID-based Fleet User Management

Energy management

Manage Power Boost and adjust the charging power depending on the household's consumption and the remaining power available.

Manage Power Sharing and distribute the available power evenly among all chargers.

Manage Dynamic Power Sharing (up to 100A) measures the power available for the charging network at every moment and dynamically distributes it across all chargers


Basic Statistics of energy consumption, charging sessions and costs only via App

Advanced Statistics of energy consumption, costs, active sessions, historical data on real time and generated reports in CSV with filters

Automatic reporting with monthly email including main Insights and generated report in CSV


Payment System completely Automated with QR-based Micropayments

Other benefits

Account Setup including Chargers and Users

General characteristics







Charging mode

Mode 3


166x163x82 mm

Electric characteristics

Operating temperature

-25ºC έως 40ºC

Storage temperature

-40ºC έως 70ºC

Charging power


Connector type

Type 2

Rated current


Protection rate

IP54 / IK08



Contact & interface


4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

User identification

myWallbox APP & Portal

Charging status

Halo RGB LED, myWallbox App & Portal

User interface

myWallbox App & Portal / OCPP